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Yes its almost here, the C word "what Christmas" there i have said it, and this brings round the club food fight, ok we are more civilised than that.

This year we will be back at the Drax social club on the 1st of November, and with a more refined seating layout it is looking like a good do. Tickets are available through the club, and a full menu will be posted on here soon. This has been sent out to club members, and there is a list in the club house.

Along with the dinner we will be holding a couple of raffles, the first been a splendid hamper full of wines and festive treat's, and the second been a sweet and savory hamper. Tickets for both prizes are available from the committie on sailing days, and also at the xmas dinner.

I will post photos of both hampers on here and they can also be viewed in the lobby.



AB PORTS have announced that the bridge will be closed to all traffic and pedestrians for two weekends.





Hurray the concreting is done infront of the accumilator, and we have also done a length of pond edge at the far end of the pond. Also water levels will be kept a little higher as we have replaced the old pump with a new one, the new one is tripping out but plans are to remove the rcd plug and fit a standard one , we will still be covered by the trips in the main fuse box.


concreting resumed today and two major sections were completed with members providing the labour and Darran Fetching another ton and a half of ballast/cement. Big thanks to those who did attend and get stuck in.

There is now on site enough ballast and cement to finish the last section, and once cured which will take a couple of days the pond can be re-filled and normal sailing resumed.


saturday morning started with shuttering up the edge with plenty of steel supports holding it inand a plastic membrain stapled to allow us to pour the base , the edging had to be reinforced slightly as the weight of the concrete was pushing out the bottom, and extra braces were driven into the pond edge. this proved succesfull and re-bars were inserted to alow once set the next pour to bind with the base which is planned for wed morn.


The pond water level has been dropped ready for repair work to be carried out, hopefully this will only take a week providing we have the physical support of the members, even if it is keeping the grafters supplied with tea and coffee, every little helps


On Saturday morning work commenced on the replacement of the pond edge under the paved area in front of the accumulator, the first row of slabs were removed to find that the ground under them had eroded away and the concrete edge was only supported by the re-bar, this was broken away and the area cordened off for safety. We plan to shutter up the edge and pour a new concrete slab, this will involve dropping the water level , but sailing should only affect yachts, and the water levels will be back once the concrete has set. Dates are to be set and members will be informed, but please be aware that the area has underwater obstructions and models should be kept away so they are not damaged.


We have recieved a donation from a member of the public "Alan",

Alan pictured above handing over the models.

The models laid out pond side for viewing.

who has given us some of his late fathers models, and has agreed for us to auction them off for club funds. So this is a chance to make a bid on them, but the winner will be the one with the highest bid based on secret bidding. So if you want one of them put your highest bid in and take a chance, they can also be viewed in the club lobby as well as here.

All bids either in writing or via e-mail to the committie via closing date will be at the June meeting at 1300hrs, winning bids will be anounced then and published in the minutes.

Here are the boats and details, HAPPY BIDDING.

Model 1 ST Canute plank on frame inc servo,motor,running gear and balast L 25" W 6.5" H16"

Model 2 WC tug scratch built inc motor running gear and rudder (not fitted) L25" W7.5" H13"

Model 3 Hull plank on frame inc motor and running gear  L26" W6.5" H12"

Model 4 #27 grey ship scratch built prop and shaft only L31" W3.5" H8.5"

Model 5 red ORSV scratch built prop and shaft only L25" W5" H8"

Model 6 "Witch" scratch built prop and shaft only L17" W4" H8.5"

07-02-2017 New boats in the for sale section.

06-02-2017 Night sail date confirmed 19th August 20:30 start

04-02-2017 Updates in Members models (Tugs)

17/12/2016 Updates in Models under construction, members models (liesure craft) and Workboats.

13/12/2016 Updates on models under construction

Check out the recent events page for the latest from the hobbies exhibition 2016.


A few more photo's taken over the last couple of days.

Whilst sailing is on the pond Darran Newman took the oppotunity to try out the new pond at the Waterways Museum,

primarily for the fish and plants whilst it was still clear he sailed his pilot boat "Sea Helper".

The club will hopefully be allowed to use the pond for displays during the museums events which we attend.

The coal hoist is having a major refurb, with a large section of the timber

been replaced due to rot and damage from pigeons, the photo shows just how big the project is.

And the new harbour has been buisy doing it's job , looking after members models whilst they have a natter ,

plenty of yachts this time.


Just a couple of photos of Geoff Hudsons boat (Castanet) in the new harbour. There will be some more new photos of Geoffs boat along with Andrew Richie's

on the members models (fishing boats) section, if any member wants to show their boat on the web site please e-mail me the image and i will

post it in the relevant section.


The big day has arived and i (Darran Newman) get my garden back, which has been the construction site for the club's new harbour.

Over the last 2 weekends members have been buisy assembling the harbour and drilling the holes for the machine bolts

and captive 4 pronged T nuts that hold the sections together, the matreials used are facia board for the top with square fall

pipe cut to form a channelwhich was glued and screwed in place, kingspan was fitted into the space to provide buoyancy.

But this Saturday all the pieces came together and were loaded up onto my trailer (supported by a double extention ladder)

this thing is over 3m long and transported the short distance to the clubs pond.

On arrival a small team  gathered to assemble the parts, which included a working lighthouse with remote switching, meaning a double wire

was fitted along the entire outer sections of the harbour. And with myself and David Hamer donning the waders to fit the final piece.

An underwater section that spans the entrance and makes the harbour strong enough (we hope) to cope with the stresses on the harbour from the

winds we experience on the pond. With this done the whole assembly was secured to the wall ready for the boats.

A big thank you to the following for their help with this project

Darran Newman, Geoff Hudson, David Hamer, Harold Sharp, Ted Holmes, Paul Gregory and Wolfgang Patsch.

Not forgetting Bob Mason Pitt for the lighthouse.

The winter weather has finaly arived here in goole, but we have been lucky that the pond has not frozen over apart from a few patches which were cleared the same day. Our latest project is a new functional harbour, this time made from weather resistant plastic facia board.


And time for the annual bun fight.

This year we were back at the Drax social club for the club dinner where 31 members, partners and friends gathered , well at first we only had 29 due to diversions as the main road from Goole was closed for repairs to the Newland bridge, but a litle late our strays arived and joined in the gathering.

This year we held a raffle amd members were encouraged to bring a prize , and the top table was soon loaded with a mixture of prizes. A big thank you to Barbra and margret who went around the tables with the tickets, and it was not long before they had sold £61 worth for the club. However we waited untill after dinner coffee and the speach of thank you which our chaiman Geoff Hudson passed onto myself Darran Newman to give (without any notes) , but along with Dave Hamer we began the draw where the winning ticket holder would chose a prize and draw the next winning ticket.

As ususal the food was great with a selection of starter, main and sweet, with coffee and mints for afters and we were served by the wonderfull staff during the evening

And here are some photos of the evening , but with Mark and Ray wood missing as they had a long way to go home.

And finally as i was the one taking the photo's i persuaded Partick Rew to take one of myself and my good lady wife.

21st November 2015

During the members meeting it was decided to re-schedule future meeting to the first saturday of the month rather than the third. These meeting will be held either at the museum, or on the club site, notification will be given to members in advance.

And the next members meeting will now take place on the 6th of Febuary 2016 at the waterways museum, our next event will be the xmas dinner at the Drax social club on the 4th of December, although on the 28th of November some of us will be at the Mobile Marine xmas bonanza, this is a free to enter event and details can be found on their web site

4th November 2015

Ok i have not updated for a while but here goes,

Work will be commencing on the hoist soon , so access to the lobby buildings will be restricted while work is underway. But ABP will be providing us with a porta cabin and the porta loo will still be on site.

 23rd May 2015

I have just recieved notice that york's event tomorow will be held at their Laytham site due to the Rowntree pond been un sailable.

Also as we have out open day just around the corner we would appreciate members to come forward and offer their support to the Goole club in regards to getting things ready for the day and in the running of events during the day, contact the committie for further details.

Remember its the members who make the club and not the other way round.

thank you.

7th March 2015

This Saturday the annual Hobbies Exhibition was held in the Leisure Centre, organised as usual by Bob Haigh of the Rotary Club of Goole.  The Model Boat club have had a stand at the show for many years and this year was no exception.  The centre of the stand was occupied by Harold Sharp's large tanker and Ted Holmes model of the motor yacht Bluebird.  The stand covered the whole spectrum of model boating from vintage pond yachts and tea clippers to tugs and  trawlers,  but alas, we didnt win the best stand award (again).


 October 2013

The club embarked on one of its biggest building projects for many years, removing the old rotting fence posts from around the site and replacing them with new slotted concrete posts and new fence panels.  Getting some of the old posts out was a major challenge as they were set into deep concrete foundations.  After finding out how much it was going to cost to hire a contractor to do the work, club members bravely took on the job and by the following summer, the club had a smart, sound new fence in time for the first open day in June.

















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