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Fishing Boats



A long build from Geoff Hudson with the fishing trawler Our Lass, this would be the second model of this boat built in the club

the first been built totaly from scratch by Gareth Jones, and this one from a kit.

Geoff has been putting plenty of time into this build and the pictures show his hard work.


Been a while since last update but here you are.Some new photos of Geoff Hudsons fishing boat Castanet,

this is a Models by Design Cygnus 33 1/16th scale model, which is well fitted out with detail including working lights

and diesel sound unit from Technobots.

Next up is a Ling Bank sheltered deck fishing boat from Andrew Richie.


Wow an update, Gareth has sent me some fresh photos of his fishing trawler for you to enjoy.


I managed to capture these two moored up from Gareth Jones and  Tony Smith

Derek Catley's model Susan Marie is the biggest sailed on the pond at Goole

Maggie M from the Model Slipway kit, owned by Tony Smith at the time the photo was taken

Unity,  a Scottish Fifie completely scratch built from a Model Boats magazine plan, by Clive Acaster

Bob Mason Pitt's Fishing boat Mary K, based (I think) on an Orion Mouldings hull

Bob Lomas's beautiful model of Boston Typhoon. rarely seen since its so heavy to lift in and out of the pond

Paddy Rew's model of a typical 86 ft steam drifter.

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