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Models Under Construction

Rather than fill this page up with boat's that i am building , i thought i would show what our members are building at home .


A further update on Geoff Hudson's TID build,

the lighting is now installed and the electrics are fitted, radio esc etc. also balast boxes have been fitted and filled with lead shot and sealed in with body filler.

Also fenders have been fitted fore and aft, he is still awaiting tyres and lettering which have been ordered


A further update on the TID tug build, lights have now been fitted and are looking good.

Lighting test complete, wiring is by 2 led's in series X three parallel circuits powered by 1 6.6v/1100 mah LiFe battery (no resistors). The sixth led is below decks giving light through six midship's portholes. he is just waiting for the appropriate switcher, next will be main power instalation, balasting and fenders/ropes etc.

During the winter months members tend to concentrate on new builds, and Geoff Hudson is no exception with his build of "OUR LASS".

Further updates of this build can be found in the fishing boats section

One of our many skilled builders has been at it again, Peter Shipley has produces some quality vessels over the years and his latest is no exception.

This is a commision for another member who is very happy with the progress.


Our treasurer has kindly given me some pictures of his new pilot boat , i have no idea of the size but i am sure you can work it out .


This particular member claimed to have this kit and that hull , but we had only seen the one.

But on my arival my eyes gazed upon the mass of glass fibre and moulded styreen sheets

in the form of hulls and tops for a variety of kits and plans.

UPDATE 20/10/12

We now have a list of the above boats starting from top going left to right along the wall ( if you can follow me)

1;24 sirmar TID tug, Victoria yacht, Buldog, Joffre, 1;32 Gatcombe, Wearsider, Dutch Courage, Ironsider, Snowberry, Plaudit, Tyne Lifeboat, Aberdeen Pilot No2, Pilot 40 (2of) and a Sea Helper.

Although some of them can easily be identified , top left is a TID and below it is a Dutch Courage with a boxed Snowberry in the forground  and a boxed Joffre at the back , and if you look to the left of the Joffre there is a Victoria  yacht which i was told the hull is away been professionally resprayed in Hull & Humber colours, i for one will be looking forward to seeing that.

Also we have from the same fleet an almost finnished Canning , a landing craft and a conversion of a dickie seaport tug into a 1;48 Gatcombe.

One innotive idea that was shown to me was a building board with a difference , this was a metal wipe marker/notice board on one side with a cutting board fitted to the other side , but on the metal side the use of magnetic angle clamps used in the welding buisness are used to hold your work at the correct angle along with steel blocks , an ingenius idea and use of materials.

One other thing that was shown to me was the winter work space , when been out side in the workshop is just too cold and the warmth of the indoors is just to great. This innotive use of space is ideal for theose jobs where you can relax in the warm and do that trimming and painting and when it's time for tea you can just close the doors.

 Now you see it                                            Now you don't















More members models coming soon, and workshops.

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