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Leisure Craft


A rare sailing from Ted Holmes of his motor cruiser on the water doing what it does best,making waves.


A new build narow boat from Andy Bailey.


A new member George Calvert's fire tender making waves on the water


Had a nice e-mail from one of our members Andrew Marr, who wrote

I know that you haven't seen me at the model boat club for a while but I've decided to concentrate my efforts on getting my ST.COLUMBA Sealink ferry finished. When I started work on it last summer I thought it might be ready to sail by now but it's taking me a bit longer than I thought. You can see from the photos that it's progressing nicely.

And here are the photo's .


The latest build from Geoff Hudson


Model runs on a Brushless 28 mm 1200kv motor (1200 rpm per volt) running off 2 x 7.4 volt 2.2 amp batteries connected in parallel (4.4 amps total)

my intention in going brushless was not speed but to extend running times as brushless motors are typically 98% efficient when compared to a brushed motor at 40 to 50% efficiency, this has worked fine as I have achieved well over 1 hours running on each charge without yet flattening the batteries








Tony Smith's Marlin in a spot of bother stuck on the catamaran that drifts around the pond like the Flying Dutchman

Another Tony Smith model, this time an offshore racing powerboat somewhat confined by the size of the club pond.

Ray Wright's gentlemans runabout Vermont, scratch built  from the Model Boats plan Vamoose


Graham Binks neat and tidy cabin cruiser Diva built from the German Aero-Naut kit

Paddy Rew's model of the pleasure cruiser Yorkshire Rose

Gareth and Elizabeth Jones' model of a 42' narrow boat built on a Deans Marine hull and fully fitted out internally

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