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Folk Sail Weekend 2012

On the 1st and 2nd of September we attended the Waterway Museum and their Folk/Sail weekend, there was a gathering of listed boats including keel barges and a converted tom pudding tug Kellingley as well as the Sobriety barge and Wheldale tug .

But appart from the various stalls and events the (in my opinion) the Goole Model Boat Club stall was the main attraction and our portable pool , with a good turn out from the regulars with various boats . Although it was a historic boat orientated event we had several more modern craft on the water , with Ted Holmes bringing his Thames Barge which was just able to navigate the pool. Tony Smith did try his petrol speed boat but only to realise running the engine would be the limit.

This was also time to use the club trailer which carried almost everything we required , i say almost but we had to bring the ladders and pump on another trailer .            The event was a success with visitors drawn to the pool to try our their skills with a version of water polo using the ever popular springer tugs supplied by Gareth and Elizabeth Jones . and with the grand finale been the tsunami when the tarpauling and ladders released the water back into the canal (i cant see anyone wanting to sail the wave) . A big thank you to all that attended and helped with the weekend, just a few photos of the event for you to enjoy.

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